i have been so excited by challenges on other blogs that i decided to create my own. i don’t have a lot of peeps following this blog yet, but if you are, and you like this idea, please tell your artist friends about it. below is a photo of my favorite food. i took the picture myself, so it’s yours to interpret however you’d like.
i find these challenges pull me out of any rut i’ve been in; refresh and renew my artistic outlook; allow me to return to my regularly scheduled painting projects with a fresh vision and vigor.
email your finished product in jpeg format to
and i would love to post it on this blog. thanks for your enthusiasm.

hmmmm. update to this post. maybe you don’t want me to post your work to my blog so how ’bout we do this. on july 21st, everyone who wants to participate in this challenge, post your interpretation of the artichokes to your blog and let me know. how does that sound