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make something out of paper , but don’t use scissors or glue or draw on it.

what fun. i laid out some paper color squares against a paper background and scanned it. all kinds of possibilities here that i will enjoy exploring.
torn paper shapes, different color and pattern background, background images, much more complicated compositions.

this project will provide a terrific diversion from putting pen or paint to paper. i can then re-create the project as a collage or a painting.

day 2 continued

still working on the pencil drawing of a cheetah face. corrected the proportions and angle. it’s such a pleasure to draw just for the fun of it.

i will also complete the project for day three. it’s to make something using paper without drawing on it or using scissors. i have a GREAT idea. stay tuned!!!!

so i’m gonna do it. a piece of art a day for 365 days. thank you noah scalin for the great book – 365 a daily creativity journal. you are my muse.

i started yesterday with a silly collage on a coca cola cap. the assignment was start small, something that could fit in the palm of your hand. more about it later.

today was create something involving your favorite animal. my favorite animal is a dog. but i have always wanted to draw cheetah faces. with those great tears. but i felt it was too trite.

so the hell with trite. or fears or obstacles. i’m drawing the cheetah, in pencil, just for fun like i used to do before i had the burden and obligation to do everything perfectly. or with materials more serious than a pencil.

this will take a long time because i want it to be detailed. so i’m having a peaceful drawing day and flashing back to the time when my art was for pure pleasure.

i will post images as the cheetah progresses