Category: pocket art


do you ever create a piece of art that just tickles you to death. well that happened here

watercolor on hot press board where i pushed the paint around a bunch of times till i was thrilled with the curve of the sling chair back. then mushed paint around on the bucket and love it too. and that suggestive little outline of the flip flops! sublime! hope you enjoy it too. soon i will document a piece of pocket art from start to finish

i started doing tiny art when i had a piece of leftover illustration board that wouldn’t go away. i’d been re-exploring pen and ink stipple and decided to take advantage of the small size of the board. since stipple is so time consuming, the smaller the surface to be covered, the more quickly the picture could be complete.
then i found myself carrying around this cute little starfish – slipping it into my jeans pocket, a wallet or credit card holder. so i called it pocket art. or art in your pocket.
this was way before artist trading cards came on the scene, and this piece is about half the size of atc’s – less than 2 inches. now i do lots of small pieces – watercolors, collage/collisions, bitsy paintings on gallery wrapped canvas.

look soon for the link to my ETSY store or E-Bay auctions or contact me if you want to preview or buy some of these little gems before those stores debut.