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Theme of the day: Gumbo

artichoke garlic

I received a kitchen bridal shower invitation that requested a recipe for the newlyweds. Since I love gumbo, and love Alton Brown’s foolproof oven-roux, I sent his Shrimp Gumbo recipe. Of course, I couldn’t just send it bare and ordinary. So after spicing it up with a little Word Art and Clip art, I decided to create an original digital art piece using Gumbo as the theme. I love to paint pictures of different vegetables, so this is a natural segue. I am working on the piece now, but since an artist blog needs art with each post, enjoy my artichoke painting. Artichokes are my favorite food. 



Figured out how to post on my own blog. So, in honor of my favorite season, Thundercloud Season, here is my tribute. Original watercolor on cold press d’Arches paper. I think it’s about the size of an index card.

days 4 and 5

ok i confess. i didn’t do day 4 project. it was to take a 5 minute walk and make something from the materials available wherever i ended. i will save that project for warmer weather.

right. i know. i live in florida and am not buried in spring snow like other parts of the country. but for me, freezing is whenever the temp falls below 70. so shoot me!

i did do more work on that everlasting cheetah. see progress below. maybe he’ll be finished by day 365 : }

todays project involves working with a collection.
after moving too many times, then working to eliminate clutter in my cottage, i don’t have ‘collections’. unless you count all the debit card receipts that seem to multiply like rabbits. that might be a possibility.
or books. maybe that counts.

what did come to my mind, oddly enough, were samovars.
yes, samovars. doesn’t that sound like something people would collect?
i have my friend charlotte to thank for that idea. also i have her to thank for the papers that i used in the day 3 scan.
years ago, charlotte told me about a dream she had in which she opened a closet door to find stacks of samovars. NOBODY i know has dreams like that!

i think i’ll do a graphite drawing or watercolor of those unique teapots.
meanwhile, if you look below, you can assess the progress of the everlasting cheetah.

make something out of paper , but don’t use scissors or glue or draw on it.

what fun. i laid out some paper color squares against a paper background and scanned it. all kinds of possibilities here that i will enjoy exploring.
torn paper shapes, different color and pattern background, background images, much more complicated compositions.

this project will provide a terrific diversion from putting pen or paint to paper. i can then re-create the project as a collage or a painting.

day 2 continued

still working on the pencil drawing of a cheetah face. corrected the proportions and angle. it’s such a pleasure to draw just for the fun of it.

i will also complete the project for day three. it’s to make something using paper without drawing on it or using scissors. i have a GREAT idea. stay tuned!!!!

so i’m gonna do it. a piece of art a day for 365 days. thank you noah scalin for the great book – 365 a daily creativity journal. you are my muse.

i started yesterday with a silly collage on a coca cola cap. the assignment was start small, something that could fit in the palm of your hand. more about it later.

today was create something involving your favorite animal. my favorite animal is a dog. but i have always wanted to draw cheetah faces. with those great tears. but i felt it was too trite.

so the hell with trite. or fears or obstacles. i’m drawing the cheetah, in pencil, just for fun like i used to do before i had the burden and obligation to do everything perfectly. or with materials more serious than a pencil.

this will take a long time because i want it to be detailed. so i’m having a peaceful drawing day and flashing back to the time when my art was for pure pleasure.

i will post images as the cheetah progresses

back in the saddle again

my big mac (iMac) is fixed and so i can scan, scan, scan all the new,exciting stuff i’ve been making. don’t know where to start.
ok – haven’t shown a collision in a while or so. i guess i call this ‘a perfect union’. really like this kind of look for collisions. the old, tattered and spattered effect. delicate, too. 11″ x 3″ on card stock
think i’ll try some more like this

congratulate yourselves if you have done something strange and extravagant and broken the monotony of a decorous age. – my favorite rebel, ralph waldo emerson

so! you got the blues. you can’t work. you lost the enthusiasm. you wonder what ever made you think you are an artist. the nightmare of every creative individual!

how do you get over, around, past or through that horrible slump?
here are a few things that i do. and i look forward to any ideas y’all have and want to share.

1 – sometimes i just let it slump. wallow in it. forgive it and do something else. my creative mind needs a vacation, too
2 – work in another medium. one i don’t know much about, so i don’t have to be perfect. the photo above is papier mache. the materials are cheap so i didn’t have to go out and buy a bunch of stuff.
3 – do kid’s crafts – little kits that i buy at the dollar store and just play around.
4 – have a fellow art friend come over and create together.
5 – go on a photography field trip. even just using my iphone. no hassle, no complicated equipment. i stimulate my vision and remind my muse why it is we do this thing called art.

i would love it if any of you are willing to reach out to us other artists and share your thoughts about this. i wish you many creative days and nights and an endless flow of new ideas and inspirations.

phone books. remember them? delivered right to my doorstep. couldn’t ask for more!!!! haha