ok i confess. i didn’t do day 4 project. it was to take a 5 minute walk and make something from the materials available wherever i ended. i will save that project for warmer weather.

right. i know. i live in florida and am not buried in spring snow like other parts of the country. but for me, freezing is whenever the temp falls below 70. so shoot me!

i did do more work on that everlasting cheetah. see progress below. maybe he’ll be finished by day 365 : }

todays project involves working with a collection.
after moving too many times, then working to eliminate clutter in my cottage, i don’t have ‘collections’. unless you count all the debit card receipts that seem to multiply like rabbits. that might be a possibility.
or books. maybe that counts.

what did come to my mind, oddly enough, were samovars.
yes, samovars. doesn’t that sound like something people would collect?
i have my friend charlotte to thank for that idea. also i have her to thank for the papers that i used in the day 3 scan.
years ago, charlotte told me about a dream she had in which she opened a closet door to find stacks of samovars. NOBODY i know has dreams like that!

i think i’ll do a graphite drawing or watercolor of those unique teapots.
meanwhile, if you look below, you can assess the progress of the everlasting cheetah.